Relaince jio not truely unlimited any more!!

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Relaince jio not truely unlimited any more!!

September 3, 2016 Uncategorized 0

well guys yesterday i visited the digital store @kurla found out that sim cards which are purchased before 5th september are to available the jio preview offer and can use unlimited free internet with calls and messages well those who would be buying them after 5 th september via the tokken skim will probably have to choose a plan for eg: if they get a plan with 4gb of internet they will be given free internet of 4gb and after those 4gb are used the speed will cut down to approx 128kps i am not sure if the news is to be true but it was to be told according to sources.

Also the charges of this service will not be charged till 31st december so they are getting it for free only but with less data or less speed so eventually those using preview offer will end up using thier turely free internet ┬átill 3mnths from when they took it ……………

for jiofi devices the simcards which we normally use in our phones can be used so if you are planning to get a jio fi device you can use your jio sim in that device too if you are lazy to buy a new sim….

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